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So horror fans got some good news at the recent State of Play event. Especially for fans of the iconic Silent Hill series.More information and gameplay was revealed for the upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2. Now we know this remake is being handled by Bloober Team who previously in Unreal Engine 5 remade their Layers of Fear series and combined into one horror experience. Though this project is slightly different but also taking advantage of Unreal Engine 5. Lets look take a more detailed look at the game with the new trailer and gameplay footage.

To start we have the new trailer above which has the news fans of Silent Hill 2 have waited for. This being the release date now confirmed to be 8th October. The second video is a detailed look at gameplay which was part of the recent Silent Hill Transmission. If you wish to see the full event it can be found here. Konami producer Motoi Okamoto stated on the PlayStation Blog the games announcement in 2022 was“met with passionate expectations”. He also stated they “have taken ample polishing time and carefully decided on when we would be able to deliver the game with confidence”.

Other News and Updates For Silent Hill 2

We get a breakdown of what we can expect upon release of the remake. Mateusz Lenart the Creative Director for Bloober Team discussed their approach to preserving the original game’s story and characters. However, that’s not all as some changes have been made to adapt the game to modern day. This includes aspects such as new camera angles and revamped combat and puzzles. Also if you wish to preorder the game, you can do so now. The game will launch with a standard and deluxe edition. The details on the blog post about this are quoted below.

The deluxe edition includes various DLCs, such as a digital artbook full of concept art for the town of Silent Hill and its monsters, a digital soundtrack with tracks by Akira Yamaoka, and a Pyramid Head mask made from a pizza box (Note: The digital artbook and soundtrack will be distributed in the form of a bonus application. The contents will not be available for download in specific audio formats, such as MP3.). The Pyramid Head mask is available as a cosmetic item for in-game characters.

If a pre-order is placed, the standard and deluxe editions will include a Mira the Dog mask and a Robbie the Rabbit mask (*PlayStation 5 exclusive) DLC as pre-order bonuses. Likewise, each mask can be used as a character’s cosmetic item. Deluxe edition pre-orders also come with 48-hour early access.

So what are your thoughts on the new information for Silent Hill 2 Remake? Are you eager to experience the story of James Sunderland all over again? As always we love hearing your thoughts so why not get in touch and share them with us.

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