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Time to jump back into the brutal post-apocalyptic management simulator. Sheltered 2 is launching today on PC. Developed by Unicube Studios and Team17 the second installment in the series will be available to purchase on Steam and GOG. Humanity is on the brink of extinction and the end of the world is always a looming threat. Sheltered 2 will place you as a faction leader where you will manage people, resources, and survive the endless waste.

Some new features such as factions and faction leaders will create unique gameplay experiences. The faction system opens up relationships with other groups. Whether or not they are peaceful will be up to you. Now the faction leader will be the most important member of the shelter. Not only will they have special traits to increase everyone’s chance of survival, If they die it is game over.

Key Features in Sheltered 2

  • Resource Management: Players will balance the needs and wants of their survivors, manage scarce resources, craft items needed to maintain the shelter, cook meals, and build equipment to keep their group alive, and with the expanded power system players can generate energy in new ways.
  • An Unforgiving Wasteland: Starvation, asphyxiation, extreme temperatures, and combat are just some of the challenges players will face in the harsh wasteland.
  • Combat: In Sheltered 2 players will use a variety of skills coupled with the ability to build parties of four and targeting specific body parts on their enemies to deal the most visceral damage in combat situations. Each action performed also has a stamina cost, so strategy will be at the forefront of every altercation, each move critical in the balance of life and death.

Sheltered 2 is available today with a 10% launch discount for $17.99. Also if you own the original Sheltered you will receive an additional 10% off of the sale price.

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