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Starting today Rogue Company players can now look like John Rambo from Rambo (2008) with a character outfit for bow carrying Rogue Seeker. The Rambo King Cobra Bundle, which costs 2000 Rogue Bucks, allows players to sharpen their machetes, shoot a bow and arrow, and play as Rambo in Rogue Company with the Legendary Seeker Outfit. Players will also be able to enjoy a jungle-themed Wrap inspired by the 2008 film

Additionally, Meltdown, Palace, and Skyfell are three new maps added to the 6v6 Team Deathmatch core mode, bringing the total number of maps to 13. All 6v6 modes now accept six-player squads at the same time.

Finally, the ‘Player Backfill’ feature, which was requested by the community, was introduced today, allowing any player to join a current match and replace a Rogue who has left the game. Backfill is available as a test, allowing designers to examine players’ reactions as they extend it.

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