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The developers behind the dino-slaying coop shooter Second Extinction have issued today via Twitter/X on the game’s status.

Unfortunately, that update brings on a slew of bad news for players of the game. The team has stopped active development of the title. There will also be no final release of the game as it still never came out of Game Preview of Xbox or PC.

If you’d like to read the whole post check it out here from via their website.

Second Extinction was first released into early access on Steam back in October 2020 with the Game Preview release on Xbox in April 2021. The game was launched into Xbox Game Pass but removed from the service in October 2022.

Originally the developers had planned for a full launch in 2023 but with the update today it seems like there were “show-stopping” issues with the build that they were working on and no longer have the resources to continue development and bring the title out of Early Access or Game Preview.

To make matters worse the developers have stated that the game servers will be shut down later sometime in 2024. Rendering the game completely unplayable even offline. As well the developers have stopped the sale of Second Extinction. It is currently unavailable to purchase on all storefronts.

When asked on Twitter/X if there were going to be any updates to allow offline play. The developer’s response is No and that there are no future plans to add an offline mode. This leaves many players feeling slighted as a game that they put money into will no longer be available for them to play even on their own.

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