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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was not on my anime bingo card but you know what, I’m ok with that! As it is now official that everyone’s favorite lazy Canadian lover boy is coming back! Coming from director Edgar Wright, who has previously been very vocal about wanting an anime adaption. He broke the news now about how Scott Pilgrim the Anime is finally coming to the world!

The news of the upcoming show comes from none other than Edgar Wright himself. He shared the news with Scott Pilgrim fans, his own joy completely on display. You can find the official tweet he posted below:

Edgar shared his love for the original film when it became a favorite among both gamers and anime fans alike. Being a well-done rendition of a live-action film. It still captured a lot of the comedy and style of the graphic novel. In the thread, he even commented on how the original creator of the graphic novel, Brian Lee O’Malley, will also be working with him as Executive Producer and the original writer. Not just bringing the series to the full telling of the original story, but potentially expanding the universe overall. As well as returning to do the soundtrack is the legendary Chiptune electronic group, Anamanaguchi!

When the original film came out, it had several story arcs and a different ending. At this time O’Malley had just released the 5th volume. He still was in the middle of finishing the 6th and final volume. Alongside that, an Anime is well overdue for this project. The style and storytelling already fit the feel of an anime. Plus they released an animated short telling Scott and Kim’s complicated history, as a teaser for the film on Adult Swim.

So tell us are you a Scott Pilgrim fan, did you watch the film or read the graphic novel? Did you play the Scott pilgrim vs the world the video game? Are you excited about Scott Pilgrim the Anime let us know in the comments below!

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