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The long-awaited atmospheric horror title has finally been brought into gamers’ hands. Scorn was originally announced way back in 2014, but had funding issues that resulted in a delay in its release. Scorn was released on Xbox Series S/X and PC. The title is available on Day One in Xbox Game Pass or costs $39.99USD retail.

Beautifully Grotesque

For those unfamiliar with what Scorn is, I’ll fill you in real quick. The game is an atmospheric horror title with great inspiration from H.R Giger. Every little gruesome detail is on full display here. The developers spent a lot of time and effort into making this mysterious world feel like it is actually living and breathing. It is one of Scorn’s most noticeable qualities. The biomechanical elements on display throughout each of the game’s levels are there to gross you out in the most beautiful ways possible.

I couldn’t help staring and taking this world in. I found myself grabbing screenshots and trying to capture every little detail of this world to show off. While this game doesn’t have a soundtrack with set pieces or music. Hell it doesn’t even have any voiceovers in it. The sound design is top-notch.

What is going on in Scorn?

To be completely honest with you if you asked me what this game’s story is I’d be at a loss. Since there are no voiceovers or cutscenes to guide you in any direction. You have to interpret the game as you see fit. HUD elements are minimal to almost non-existing. No waypoints to guide you to where to go as you traverse through the worlds the developers have crafted. I very much enjoyed this aspect of the game.

For fans of classic horror genres, you will be in for a treat. Puzzles are the bulk of the gameplay for Scorn. For some, the puzzles may be a challenge to get through. But for classic horror vets, this should come as a breeze.

Outside of the puzzles, there is combat too. Your character comes across a variety of weapons to use. Each weapon feels weighted in its own respect. The combat is sluggish and slow, making it feel more intense with each encounter. You, however, are also able to run past many enemies along the lines of Resident Evil or Silent Hill. This is a perfect tactic to use especially when you do run out of ammo. Stations on walls will help you replenish both your ammo and health when you find them.

My only real gripe with Scorn is the game’s length. While we already knew Scorn was going to be 6-8 hours in length. I wish for more of this world. This is mostly due to me being completely engrossed in this world. There are so many questions left unanswered and when you come to the game’s final level, the conclusion may leave you feeling empty inside. You sit there wondering what happened. There is so much, yet you learn nothing. This however is how the game is designed to make you feel, empty, lost, and forgotten.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Scorn. From the tense sluggish combat. To the thought-provoking puzzles left for the player to overcome. Scorn left me wanting more of this unforgiving world. I don’t regret plunging into the gross depths of this world and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a great horror title for the spooky season.

Integrity Corner

Logan spent 7hrs playing through Scorn. Completing the game and getting all 12/12 Achievements in the game. Scorn was played through Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series X.

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Sound Design





  • Wonderful atmosphere
  • Detailed world environments
  • Great Puzzles
  • Top Notch Sound Design


  • Too short
  • World items could use better highlighting
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