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If Tim Burton decided to design a top-down souls-like game it would be Sands of Aura. Developed by Chashu Entertainment and published by Freedom Games. This is an action RPG with heavy souls-like mechanics and fast-paced combat. LV1 Gaming was given an opportunity to get hands-on with the early access build on the game. Below will be some of our first impressions and hopes for the game’s future.

Look this game is pretty, like mentioned in the paragraph above it has a heavy Tim Burton feel about it. The almost low polygonal character design with the dark yet colorful world creates a unique experience. Clearly, you are not always safe and the world as a whole is in turmoil, but it’s still vibrant.

Now the combat does not favor button mashing even though stamina is not a factor in Sands of Aura. There are six different fighting styles that have their corresponding weapon type. There is a glaive, two-handed stabbing, two-handed slashing, one-handed stabbing, one-handed slashing, and finally dual wielding. Now the reason the specific types of weapons are not mentioned is that there is a deep crafting mechanic in-game. For example, I was able to create a hard-hitting glaive with the chance to stack poison damage on top.

Not Another Souls Clone

Remember to keep in mind that this game does have souls-like mechanics. Such as when you die you drop your currency at that location, and if you die again before getting it back it disappears. Also instead of bonfires, you have bell checkpoints. Also, they work as a way to heal yourself, replenish your healing item, and even reset the enemies in the world. As someone who has played the Souls titles, I will say that this is easier but still not a game to take lightly. You will die a lot.

Overall if your looking for a dark and whimsical world with fast-paced combat and some interesting crafting Sands of Aura is worth checking out. A recent update the “Twin Thorns Update” went live and is offering more islands and bosses to fight.

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