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Announcement of Samsung and Xbox Partnership in 2019.
The Samsung partnership and xCloud collaboration continues to deepen. During today’s Samsung Unpacked event, the South Korean tech giant debuted their new upcoming devices. Many of their devices were the newest iterations of their flagship devices. We saw the Samsung Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra and The Samsung Z Fold 2, a massive improvement from the original Z Fold, and presented by BTS, the Popular Korean Pop group. Also, announced was the Samsung Tab 7, which has been missing for a while from their tablet staple. Furthermore, The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, their staple smartwatch line was shown. Lastly, their new updated Galaxy buds live were also teased.

Samsung Goes into…Gaming?

Without a doubt, this is all exciting news for tech enthusiasts but how does this tie to Microsoft and their xCloud streaming service? During their prerecorded showcase, they announced that they are growing their partnership with Microsft by going in into gaming. During this segmented it stated, “…We are expanding to gaming with Xbox. The goal is simple: Bring the buzz of Xbox to our Galaxy users. Combine Samsung’s mobile technology and 5G innovations and Xbox and you get something really, really cool.” From there Phil Spencer came out to speak on xCloud and its ties to Samsung. Continuing to show their growth Xbox Announced that when they launch the xCloud Streaming as a part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that it will be offered directly to Samsung galaxy phone and tablet users. They will be launching it on the Galaxy Note 20 as well, with access to over 100 titles directly available when it goes live on September 15th, as previously announced in an Xbox wire article. Phil then proceeded to state they are bringing a special version of the Game Pass app directly into the Galaxy store. This is a big thing as it allows people to earn and use Samsung reward points to purchase in-app items which is a massive deal. This wasn’t even allowed on Google’s Play Store due to Google’s store policies. The Announcement of the Samsung partnership and Xcloud comes as no surprise. When the beta for Project xCloud Started a year ago it was only on Samsung devices, before expanding to more android devices and iOS devices. This also ties with the promotion from Samsung using their Flagship QLED TV’s as the promotion TV that all companies were using to show the power and Visual fidelity of the Xbox One X.
Promotional images of Samsungs QLED TV’s promoting the Xbox One X.
And with Now Xbox Game Pass Ultimate hitting a bigger launch in 22 countries across the world and with a special version for Samsung, this can only go to show the continued relationships that Microsoft has built and shown off. Samsung is just one of several that have special made versions or officially licensed or collaborative efforts for Xbox hardware, the others being Seagate, Western Digital, and Razer, to name a few. Along with stating there will be a special version for the Galaxy store, they also announce all Galaxy Note 20’s will come with a 3 month Code for Game Pass Ultimate. So are you guys excited about the Samsung Partnership and xCloud launch date being announced? Let us know down below! -Jess (@BloodieKnuX)

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