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An advanced species of animals have discovered an ancient civilization underground, which will be explored at the cost of lives. Ruin Raiders, a turn-based tactical roguelike developed by OverPowered Team and published by Freedom Games, tells its tale in this way. Yes, you read it correctly, this is a tactical roguelike, and progressing will require a great deal of strategy and failure. Ruin Raiders, like many other games in the genre, has repetitive gameplay, but it tries to compensate for it by offering a large range of weapons, goods, and classes. Let’s talk about my time in Ruin Raiders.

The Enjoyable Parts

Tactical RPGs are my jam. Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, Mercenaries, and XCOM look I am quite biased when it comes to this genre. So, this already gets a positive mark for creating a fun strategy combat experience. The grind is here, the ability to seemingly endlessly fight and look for blueprints is here for you.

Pistols to Demon tier launchers are among the weapons available. Like Mega Man, all of the weapons are attached to each squad member’s arm. There are classes in Ruin Raiders, just like in other tactical RPGs, but they are divided by species. A significant advantage is that no weapon (so far) is restricted to a single species. Yes, I had a bulldog with a sniper rifle arm attachment keeping an eye on my group. The Ruin Raiders Association includes soldiers such as dogs, rhinos, cats, salamanders, and even walruses.

Each species has unique abilities that make them suitable for specific classes. The Rhino is a tank with the ability to strengthen its shields. Salamanders can poison enemies, and the dog has a 100 percent accuracy shot skill. As a result, you will be able to combine your three animal teams to venture into the depths and perish.

The Meh Parts

Do not become attached to anything besides Etinum and blueprints. When you send those soldiers into the depths, they will never return. Yes, the level 3 Rhino with boosted shield ability and third-tier mobility boost will never be seen again. Because it is a roguelike game, this is an odd complaint. So loss and repetition are unavoidable, but it still stinks at times.

I ran into a couple of bugs that forced me to back out and end my run early. It didn’t happen often, but it happened enough to be noted. Enemies froze in their attack phase at random, forcing me to quit or close the game. This occurred about five times. It wasn’t enough to make me want to stop playing the game, but I had to mention it.

The Bad Parts

So I completely understand that in order to progress in this game, you must fail. However, this game places you in situations where you will fail no matter how skilled you are. For example, I made it to the game’s second boss without unlocking the second tier of weapons and items. The problem is that the dropped items will eventually become tier two and unusable. So you reach a plateau in your progression and are forced to lose in order to return to base and unlock the upgrades.

This bothers me because they have randomly placed areas where you can use blueprints you’ve unlocked. There are no hidden or unlockable areas where you can gain access to higher-tiered items and weapons. So, regardless of how sound your strategy is, failure is often the only way forward. Unless you have unlocked all of the item and weapon tiers, health regen items will become unusable. Basically forcing you to lose.

Ruin Raiders Overall

Roguelike and repetitive are essentially inseparable. This game makes no attempt to conceal the fact that it is a roguelike. A loading screen informs you that diving into the cave is a one-way trip. So that’s not a knock on the Ruin Raiders. It does not have the most varied combat areas, but as you progress, the enemies force you to use different tactics. The variety of soldiers allows for some interesting and nearly limitless approaches to each run.

There is lore and a story about the search for the Gate of Dawn and the ancient society. But I was more interested in seeing how long I could keep my team alive. This game is not for everyone, but if you want to sit down and get lost in the grind, this is the game for you. I rate Ruin Raiders 6.5 out of 10.

Steam Code Provided by Publisher. Played and reviewed on a PC.

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Ruin Raiders











  • Variety of Weapons and Items
  • Entertaining Combat
  • Variety of Enemies


  • Map Design Is Repetitive
  • Only Way To Upgrade Is To Fail
  • Few Bugs That Crashes The Game

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