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Gamecube owners at the starting of this millennium were given a horror treat with the remake of Resident Evil and then the prequel Resident Evil Zero. The other titles were ported over in the following years.  Then 2005 saw the launch of probably their most popular and successful release. This being Resident Evil 4 and for years a Resident Evil 4 remake has been asked for.

Resident Evil 4 sold well and if you take a look at Metacritic it is the highest rating game in the franchise. So we see it’s also regarded highly in the genre with lots of third-person shooters using the same style off-shoulder viewpoint.   We saw it recently entered the world of VR with a launch on. Occulus Quest 2 when rumors of Resident Evil 4 Remake hit the news again

What brought this back into the limelight

Fanbyte posted news that corroborates VGC from last year about a Resident Evil 4 Remake. And it seems we aren’t seeing the game take place in a 24-hour cycle in these remake reports. Fanbiye states it comes more into line with the tone in the original demos.

The famous village introduction set piece takes place at night. As does a decent portion of the rest of the game.

The reason for this time change isn’t arbitrary. Capcom wants to adjust the tone of the remake into something spookier, taking direct inspiration from discarded Resident Evil 4 demos. 

Will Capcom go back to the original Resident Evil 4?

The possible quality of a remake

We’ve seen two remakes of older titles. The remake of Resident Evil 2 was a success. This remake was pushed by the original director Hideki Kamiya and the team heading the other remake was M-Two. This was founded by Tatsuya Minami, the former head of Platinum Games.  This remake faced a backlash from fans as it didn’t feature major portions of the original release.  This meant after following disagreements M-Two was given a reduced role on this remake with the mainline Resident Evil studio Capcom Division 1 heading up development

Okami Games posted some more on Twitter saying the game is likely to be revealed soon and will not launch on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.  The remake is supposed to be heading to the current hardware and PC.

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