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That title for me is very accurate, the original release nearly two decades ago is one of my favorite games. It launched initially on the Nintendo Game Cube, and I played through it numerous times. So naturally, a remake was something I hoped for. This became more likely with the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. This year we were given the news that Capcom was not only remaking it but bringing it more into the survival horror the franchise is known for. When it launched, Resident Evil 4 was more action orientated than fans had been previously used to with the series.

Since that reveal, we saw a more detailed look at the gameplay of the game. If you wish to, it’s available for preorder now. If you’re curious about what’s changed across the versions, this video may be worth a look. We have a few months to wait with the remake coming out early next year. The release date is currently set for 24th March 2023, however that could possibly change. Thankfully we are still able to play the original game today on a variety of platforms. So, I decided to revisit the very original game and put it through paces on my laptop as well as the Xbox One HD Remaster. That is running on an Xbox Series X via the console’s backward compatibility.

Running on the Series X via backward compatibility

Resident Evil 4 Today

Depending on the platform you choose, you find a slightly different gameplay experience. On the Nintendo Switch, it doesn’t feel as fluid as on Xbox consoles. However, the control mechanics are fairly similar across the consoles. On Xbox, if you change the camera angle it switches back to the original view almost instantly.
Playing on PC with a mouse pad
PC with default controller settings

On a laptop, you move the camera view with a mouse pad it holds the view. Plug a controller in the experience replicates that of the console. On the HD remasters of the Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil 0 you have an option immediately to have the original Game Cube control or the alternate modern system. For Resident Evil 4 you have to go to settings after starting the game. On a controller, if you switch to the controller type 2 option it mirrors more modern combat, but the camera angle setup is still jumpy. It would be nice to have a modern option.

Visually it still looks really good, and there isn’t a huge difference across the systems I used to revisit.

Resident Evil 4 Xbox Screenshot 1
Xbox vs PC
Resident Evil 4 Xbox Screenshot 2
Xbox vs PC

PC looks a touch darker, and very little difference across the platforms. Naturally, the more modern ports are remastered in HD with better lighting and textures, but the original release is still evident and holds up really well. You just need to fiddle with controls to get a setup that works best for you. As for me, it’s still one of the best out there and easily a franchise highlight. So, if like me you’re waiting for the remake, the original classic still shines and is very much worth your time.

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