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The Red Dead Redemption franchise is a popular one. The first game was released 12 years ago and is still going strong. The online component added a lot to a game that already had a compelling tale. The sequel’s fourth anniversary is this October. We all know it’s a prequel, and it’s one of the best examples of storytelling in any game for me and many others. It also had a beautiful appearance. However, the internet component has not been warmly accepted. IGN covered a fact that we’ve documented that Take-Two is aware of.

As a result, the current report is quite intriguing for Red Dead Redemption aficionados. It’s a rumor that started spreading a few years ago and is still going strong, much like The Last Of Us Remake rumors. This one, though, receives less attention. Another rumor claims that not only will Red Dead Redemption 2 receive the same treatment as GTA V, but that the original will also be recreated. So, similar to GTA 5, Arthur Morgan’s plot gets a version for Xbox Series X/S and plays 5 similarly to this. A remake or remaster of the 2010 original is also possible. Parts of the game have been recreated in Unreal Engine 5, and the results are truly amazing.

Where The Story Came From

Chris Klippel, a well-known Rockstar leaker, is the culprit. They expect both titles to be released at the same time this time, but not as part of the previously announced Outlaws Collection.

To answer several MPs in one go, yes, as I was able to confirm at the end of 2020, a next-gen port of #RDR2 has been well underway for several months at Rockstar. With a remaster/remake project of the first RDR. The port of RDR2 had to basically be announced much earlier. The announcement would have been visibly shifted for the remaster / remake of RDR. I don’t know more, except that the project would still be relevant and that obviously it does not bear the name “Outlaws Collection”.

Wait & see!

Naturally, this is all rumor and unconfirmed at the moment. Remember though we saw similar with the GTA Trilogy before it was announced. However, that doesn’t mean this project will become official. It’s one many fans of the franchise, myself included would love to see.

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