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Ubisoft revealed plans for Rainbow Six Siege today as they talked about Year 6 of the tactical multiplayer shooter. The game has over 70 million players and Year 6 is implementing major core gameplay changes. New tools will also be added to increase positive behavior. The Year 6 Dev Panel video will explain these changes more.

The first season of Year 6 is called Crimson Heist. The first addition will be a new operator. This is the Argentine attacker Flores and a rework of the map Border.  In Season 2 we get a new operator from the Nakoda Nations and the map Favela will be reworked.

Season 3 adds Croatian operators and three maps get slightly reworked. Season 4 brings the last new operator for the year with an Irish operator and a rework for Outback.

Tools to help with positive behaviour are being added. They plan to look more at individual player behaviour with a new reputation system. This means players with positive behavior are rewarded with in-game content. The reverse of that is the players who favour a toxic nature will be punished with restrictions on ranked playlist access. This will be visible so you can see how to improve your reputation score by changing your behavior in-game.

Streamers can also control anonymity during games.  This includes hiding aspects such as name, location, ping, and XP clearance level.

What else is coming?

The core gameplay will get updated. Players now get a new secondary weapon called the Gonne-6 and more control over cameras and gadgets after their death. This will provide more sources of Intel for your team. Attackers can now alter loadout and change operators as often as they choose during the preparation phase.  The final change is to Rook’s armor plates which he can drop for teammates. The value of the HUD is now added to the player’s health.  What this will entail is players will have a better understanding of how much damage they can receive during matches.

Ubisoft’s technical team is working with Microsoft Azure which will improve matchmaking times and improve server stability. They also want to reduce the game file size in general and are also still heavily focusing on reducing DDoS attacks.

Similar to The Division 2, Ubisoft is working with Capcom in regards to player skins.  First will be an elite skin for Zofia bringing Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine to the action. There will be more Resident Evil skins coming during Year 6.

Ubisoft will be partnering with creative director Ikumi Nakamura who worked on The Evil Within.  The first content of this will be skins for operators Echo and Dokkaebi on 2nd March.

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