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All the way back in 2016 before we had Control or even its upcoming sequel, Remedy had another title which was the ambitious action adventure called Quantum Break. In this Xbox console exclusive you play as Jack Joyce. He was portrayed in the game and the accompanying TV series by Shawn Ashmore, most known as X-Men’s Iceman. The premise of the game is when you are visiting a friend Paul Serene (Aidan Gillen – Game of Thrones) who is building a time machine. The experiment goes wrong and gifts or curses Jack with time powers. So ultimately leaving him the only one left to stop a disaster from happening, involving Paul.

Before the launch of Quantum Break, Remedy was more known for introducing the world to Alan Wake. Finally as well as a recent remaster, the game is getting a sequel currently due sometime this year. However, this game was planned as the sequel but ended up a completely new IP at the request of Microsoft. It was a stunning release at the time and also a hefty download for Xbox One. The TV series that came alongside could either be downloaded to play from your hardware or streamed.

2023 And How Quantum Break Holds Up Years Later

The game looked good for its time and it’s holding its own today. OK facial animations won’t match The Callisto Protocol and games like Detroit Become Human are technically stronger looking. However, they are far new, and in the case of Detroit smaller games. So having said that, this is an impressive-looking game.

Performance wise it holds up well, though, with much more powerful hardware, this game could use a revisit if only to improve it further. So let’s see some of the game running briefly.

The game as it stands was optimized for the Xbox One X and this footage is captured on an Xbox Series X. Right now if you have Xbox Game Pass it should be available on the console as part of your subscription. So is it still worth it, it very much is! The game is still fun to play but if you don’t have great internet, save some space on that hard drive. If you try it and love the game, you may find Control very much a play-through. That has connections to Alan Wake and IGN has an article that could explain how Remedy’s three games, this included, are connected.

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