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Racing fans, Project Cars 3 pre-orders are now available to you. Starting today, players can pre-order both the Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition of Project CARS 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Deluxe Edition will launch players on their ultimate driver journey with three-days early access (starting August 25), and full access to the Season Pass consisting of 4 Packs crammed with fresh content. Gamers can Pre-order Project CARS 3 and secure The Ignition Pack. Players receive a full customization suite that enables them to customize both their racing heroes and the cars of their dreams. The Ignition Pack includes: •    10 Unique Liveries •    20 Decals •    2 Patterns •    2 Rims •    2 Tyres •    4 License Plates •    4 Race Numbers •    2 new characters (male & female) with multiple outfits and helmet designs

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