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Today Sony announced a day ahead of their Playstation showcase, an acquisition. The acquisition was for the UK-based VR development team of Firesprite Games. The acquisition comes as a major shock as there have long been rumors and leaks that Sony was acquiring remake masters Blue Point.

Firesprite games is made of former SIE developers from SIE Liverpool studio. They had actually worked on The Playroom for the PS4 launch. Then returned to work on The Playroom VR for the PSVR. They have had a very close working relationship for the past several years. They actually released a VR exclusive title, The Persistence, for PSVR. It was a PlayStation exclusive and Published by PlayStation itself. Afterward, it was self-published by Firesprite on other platforms, such as PC and Xbox.

The great news about Firesprite’s acquisition is their technical know-how of Sony’s hardware. From taking advantage of the PS4 capabilities with the Dualshock controller; and their work with VR by utilizing playroom VR. The boasts great potential for the new updated version of PSVR currently called PSVR2. Not to mention they have released an enhancement update for The Persistence. Making use of the Dualsense controller’s features and more capabilities of the PS5.

As well as them being creators on the Wipeout series it does bring some variety to Sony’s first-party studio. While there is no statement on what they are working on next, Firesprite Games are going to be a technical showcase studio for the Playstation hardware. Until then, we are looking forward to the next project that they will be creating for Playstation.

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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