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LV1 Gaming was on the expo floor at PAX East 2024 and had the pleasure of checking out Pizza Bandit. Developed and published by JOFSOFT this co-op action third-person shooter, puts you in control of a time-traveling bounty hunter who wants to just sell pizza. But in reality, your pizzeria is a hub for you to upgrade your gear and select bounty-hunting missions. Check out our interview with Vice President of JOFSOFT Aron Koh.

Pizza Bandit PAX East 2024 Interview & Gameplay

Pizza Bandit is a high-octane 1-4 player co-op shooter. As a time-traveling bounty hunter, venture across various eras and realms on missions fraught with dangers. Your pizzeria serves as a crucial hub where you regroup, strategize, and gear up for the thrilling conflicts that lie ahead.

Official Pizza Bandit Steam Page


  • Dodge Rolling Into Action
    • Your survival hinges on your masterful use of the dodge-roll. In the middle of combat, the best way to survive is by rolling and weaving through enemies and bullets with grace and precision.
    • Adrenaline-Fueled Encounters: Fast-paced battles demand quick reflexes and even quicker thinking as you roll, aim, and fire in a seamless survival dance.
    • Mission & Combat: You’ll face missions such as safe cracking, pizza baking, asset protection, and more. Dodge relentless enemy assaults while achieving your objectives through precise shooting and efficient task management.
  • Customizable Weapons
    • You can modify your weapons with a range of upgrade components discovered during missions. Strategically combining these components in specific sequences can enhance your weapons with new effects and improvements. Experiment to find the optimal combination of weapons and equipment that best suits your playstyle and helps you successfully complete each mission.
  • Bounty Contracts and Missions
    • By completing independent missions, players gain experience, loot, and cash. Undertaking bounty contracts with specific objectives spanning multiple missions will yield extra rewards and unlock new weapons and equipment, enhancing your gameplay experience.
  • 1-4 Player Co-Op
    • Mission difficulty adjusts to your squad size, but beware—sometimes your biggest challenge is coordinating with your allies. Friendly fire is allowed, adding another layer of tension and strategy. The quick-join option makes teaming up a breeze.

With the care put into the graphics, fast-paced responsive controls, alongside a fun mix of chaotic combat, Pizza Bandit has the potential to grab a lot of attention. There is currently a demo available on Steam that we highly recommend you check out. If you like co-op action shooters this game is worth following. There is no official release window but to stay up to date consider joining the official JOFSOFT Discord, Twitter, and make sure to wishlist Pizza Bandit. For more PAX East 2024 coverage make sure to check out LV1 Gaming’s Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube Channel.

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