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Johnnyman117 and BaronJ67 are back again to be completely off-topic while showing off some Neon Blight gameplay. Everything from pixelated storefronts to debating whether or not is wrong to fight aggressive wildlife in games. This past week has been filled with pixel adventures since we have sadly taken a break from Valheim.

Even though the ultimate goal is to go back to Valheim we have been plenty busy with a few other titles. So Johnny got Baron a copy of Core Keeper an early access large sandbox RPG. Did BaronJ67 pay attention to the story or why they spawned in an underground world? Nope, but he saw that there was crafting and fishing so he was hooked (pun intended). Seriously though Baron is an absolute sucker for activities in-game that he avoids at all costs in real life. So digital fishing and hunting are top-tier skills and activities in his book.

Other than that the game featured in this week’s thumbnail is Neon Blight. This is the game with pixelated storefronts. The folks over at Freedom Games gave us a Steam code to check out. And it is definitely a bullet hell pixelated adventure. You are a former cop who takes over a store in a Bladerunner cyberpunk world. You have to venture out into the outer lands in order to complete the quest given to you by odd characters you meet in the world. For example, a robot was bullied by neighborhood kids and you have to go and find his arm for him. Neon Blight is out now and is definitely worth checking out for the twin-stick bullet hell store management fans.

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