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Overwatch League Grand Finals are sadly over, with one team coming out victorious. The San Francisco Shock take the title for the second year in a row, with the final result being 4-2 in the Shock’s favour. The Seoul Dynasty fought hard, but it just wasn’t enough to overpower the always evolving Shock. It was such an exciting Grand Finals match, but if you didn’t get to catch it, check out the highlights below.

Seoul Dynasty vs San Francisco Shock

Seoul started the first map strong, but viewers were quick to see that Seoul was in over their heads. Shock was predicting their every move. Striker’s Tracer was the winner on this map, stopping attacks before they even happened. Seoul struggled to protect the vulnerable players on their team, with their frontline making risky plays, allowing the Shock to take the first two points and winning the map. On the second map, the Shock came alive, pulling off a tricky strategy to put them behind the Dynasty and picking them off one by one. Seoul never had a solid defence, only stopping them a couple of times. Entering the last point with a huge time bank, Seoul had to start working harder. They pulled off an impressive defence, with a notable performance from Profit on Hanzo getting some impressive kills, but it wasn’t enough. The Shock took back control and finished the map with a minute remaining. On Seoul’s attacking round, they tried a similar strategy as the Shock, but failed to pull it off. The Shock anticipated their moves, sending them back to spawn without a kill. They managed to almost reach the end, but Super came in with a massive ultimate on Roadhog, pushing the whole team away to win the map. After the break, the Dynasty had a shaky start but managed to slowly make their way onto the point, picking off members of the Shock. After spending a lot of time capturing the first point, they had a shorter time bank for the second. They had another slow attack but eventually outnumbered the Shock, leading to them capturing both points. During Shock’s attack they were slow to take the first point, and never really picked up energy. They had some good chances to take the second point, but Seoul was just that bit stronger. They claimed their first map victory on Hanamura. The fourth map saw the score to go 2-2 as Seoul managed to push through Shock’s defences. It was a close first point, but Seould managed to reach the checkpoint at the last second. They were constantly playing stronger, with tanks Gesture and Marve1 walking over the Shock’s supports. Seoul walked to the end of the map with relative ease, with the Shock trying their best to stop. They made the final checkpoint with a small timebank remaining. Shock’s attack was definitely not as impressive. Profit came out on the Genji, a hero we haven’t seen much of so far this weekend. It was something they were not expecting, and couldn’t make it through. Shock failed to make the first point, giving Seoul the easy victory. Coming into the fifth Overwatch League Grand Finals map neck and neck, both teams were fighting hard for the advantage. The play was very all over the place, and it seems like both teams were trying everything they could. It was a fairly even fight, with Shock capturing the point first. Seoul was a little behind, but they gained on Shock’s early lead. The first point was on 99% for both teams, but the Dynasty couldn’t switch it in their favour before the end. The second point opened with Shock dominating, with Seoul nowhere to be seen. After Profit got four impressive kills as Ashe, they switch the point in their favour. They managed to reach 99% once again before falling to the Shock, taking them up to a 3-2 lead. As San Francisco held match point, Seoul had to give everything they had for the chance to equalise. The Shock’s attack was fast and aggressive, allowing them to have plenty of time to push the payload through the map. Seoul let them push it a good distance, but they definitely weren’t letting them win. This map had some big plays from both sides on Widowmaker, with Dynasty’s Fits keeping the Shock back, while ANS was picking off the back of the defending team. These plays were the most important parts of the first round, along with some great support play on Seoul’s side. The Dynasty managed to stop the Shock before they reached the end of the map. On the Dynasty’s attack, Shock knew they had to stop them reaching the end to ensure their win. Shock’s double sniper DPS, along with the shield from ChoiHyoBin and Super’s unbreakable Roadhog kept the Dynasty at bay for the majority of the time. They made it through with seconds left on the clock but didn’t have much time to push it the rest of the way. The Dynasty were pushing themselves as hard as they could but it just wasn’t enough. Their time eventually ticked down and they made one last push back to the payload. But the Shock refused to let them through. Once again, their tanks cut through the Dynasty, using both ults to get their health down and push them away. Overtime ticked down and they won the final map. The San Francisco Shock is your Overwatch League Grand Finals winners. Winning back to back with an amazing team. The Grand Finals MVP award was given to Striker, and it’s well deserved. He is also my player of the match, as he is known as the best Tracer in the world for a reason. He could not be outplayed by anyone on any hero. Seoul played amazingly but it seems nothing can break the Shock. If you missed anything, check out our previous coverage.

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