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Overwatch League Grand Finals are here, with today marking three days of exciting Overwatch gameplay. Teams have been fighting through the season for their place at the top, and only four teams remain. The Shanghai Dragons and Seoul Dynasty face the San Francisco Shock and the Philadelphia Fusion to fight for the grand prize. The first day saw the first two matches of the winners bracket, with tomorrow showcasing both loser bracket matches, as well as the winners bracket final. The grand finals match will be on Saturday, where the winner will walk away with a $1.5 million prize. Didn’t catch the action live? Check out what you missed below.

Seoul Dynasty vs San Francisco Shock

The first series of the day was a nailbiter, making it to a map 5 after Seoul almost completed a reverse sweep. Shock looked very strong in the first half, with ANS playing very well on Widowmaker and Ashe, as well as the tanks walking through the Dynasty. After the break two maps in, it’s like a different team showed up. Gesture and Profit led Seoul to two impressive map victories. Healers Tobi and BDosin gave Gesture everything they had to keep him alive, but in the end it wasn’t enough. Map 5 saw two close rounds on Busan, each ending in Shock’s favour as Seoul couldn’t reach the point on time before the round ended. Shock move on to the next round, with Seoul being the first team in the losers bracket. My player of the match has to be Gesture. Even though Seoul sadly didn’t win, he gave everything he had in the last three maps of the series. His Roadhog play was close to flawless. I can definitely see him leading Seoul to a run of victories in the losers bracket.

Shanghai Dragons vs Philadelphia Fusion

The second series showed fans why Shanghai are the most dominant team in Asia. It was a quick match ending in a 3-0 victory over the Fusion, with little contest from the American team. The Dragons were unstoppable, with the tankline of Stand1 and Void looking unbeatable. Fleta, the 2020 league MVP. proved why he got his award with amazing plays on Hanzo, and Diem played one of the strongest Tracer’s the league has ever seen. The only slight waver in their dominance was their attacking round on the last map. It looked as if the Fusion had another chance. But in the last minute, they made their strongest push and won. This has been such a good year for the Dragons, with their new pickups fitting perfectly into the team. Philadelphia will join Seoul in the losers bracket. My player of the match is definitely Void. After leaving the Los Angeles Gladiators last year, he’s fit so well into his new team. He was a strong contender for MVP this year too. He’s proved he is a strong off-tank player, moving from mostly D.Va play to a strong Sigma. Just what the Dragons needed.   Tomorrow sees the winners final take place, as well as the two loser bracket matches, which leads to the Overwatch League Grand Finals match on Saturday.  

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