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No Man’s Sky Desolation update gives players more ways to advance and customize their gameplay experience. First off, improved combat mechanics and more procedurally generated stories are some new additions. Also, the update creates opportunities to dungeon dive through hostile alien-filled freighters throughout No Man’s Sky’s star systems. In addition, new multiplayer missions, weapon balancing, improved combat, and more procedurally generated environments give the players more ways to enjoy this game.

Derelict Freighter

No Man's Sky Desolation Update
  Originally Released in 2016 on Playstation 4. Developed by Hello Games creators of mobile game Joe Danger. No Man’s Sky an infinite procedurally generated space exploration game. Most importantly, players have the ability to play this game however they want. For Example Base Building and collecting rare ships are few activities to name.  Since its release, they have continued to create large game improving updates. The previous No Man’s Sky update gave the game cross-play capabilities, brought it to Xbox Game Pass, and added mobile mech suits.  In Short, the Desolation update looks to continue the forward progression of No Man’s Sky Infinite Universe. The new procedurally generated monster and loot-filled ships are available in each star system. Hello Games have been consistently giving virtual space adventurers top quality updates to No Mans Sky’s graphics, gameplay, and story. For the space simulator enthusiast, this is a great time to jump into No Man’s Sky available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.      

4 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky Desolation Update- Derelict Freighters

  1. Smiley Jack says:

    This makes me want to download and play.

    1. Baron J says:

      If youre into crafting, base building, space exploration, and vehicle customization this is a game worth trying!

  2. OfficerSkully says:

    I just got back into this since 2016 and see how much the game has improved.
    Nice article

    1. Baron J says:

      Thank you for reading! And the game has made major improvements

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