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Here I am, sitting here playing my Xbox and wondering about next-generation could bring. I’ve been around a long while and have survived many console generations. One of the most exciting things to me in regards to a new generation of consoles is the graphics and features. That awesome new user interface boots as you turn on your console. The sounds and graphical appeal are all mesmerizing. With that said, here are things that are NEXT GENERATION that my Xbox does right now!

Hard Drive Management from Phone

How many times have you wanted to clear space on your Xbox HDD but wasn’t around the console? Maybe you wanted to download a title, but you’ve already left the house. With the Xbox Gamepass application for IOS/Android, you can do these things and more! I can manage my storage on my Xbox home console with the press of my finger on my mobile device. Super easy to navigate and sort through all those games.

GameClip Sharing

Yeah yeah…I’m aware game clip sharing is nothing new, BUT one thing I love about is how easy it is to edit the clips. No need to exit my game and open another program. I can trim my clip to exactly how I want it and share it to Twitter and more. Also when you go to share to Twitter, my Xbox is will automatically hashtag my clips/screenshots appropriately. The Xbox removes a few extra steps and makes the process pretty seamless. Now if they could allow the upload process to happen in the background then that would be great.

Achievement Tracker

I know many people know of this, but it is something that needs its own spotlight. If you enjoy hunting achievements/trophies then you KNOW how valuable it is knowing your progress. Heck, when I’m trying to get a trophy on my PS4, it’s up to me to keep count of how many enemies I killed till I hit 100. The Xbox achievement tracker removes the need for me to tally and does the work for me. I can pause my game and check the achievements progress just by pressing the Xbox button on my controller.

Wonder What’s Next for Xbox

With Xbox Series X approaching launch this year, I really ponder what Xbox could bring to the table. I’m hoping they will bring an evolution of the achievement system or maybe more detailed editing tools that we can use on the fly! While I’m not fully aware of what we have in store, I’m sure there are many surprises that are just around the corner.

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