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It is almost time to jump into Amazon’s New World. The MMORPG has had a few betas and I have learned a few tips and tricks to make your time a little easier in Aeternum. First off I am a big supporter of the “play the game your way” mindset. If you want to only craft leather hats the entire time playing then be the best leather hats maker on the island. Now on to some things that made my time easier in New World.

Fast Travel, Fast Travel, FAST TRAVEL

Do not be afraid to use up that Azoth. It is fairly easy to come by the blue magic goo, through harvesting, missions, etc. One common complaint I’ve heard is that missions are too far away and take forever to travel to. So one thing that will make this easier is fast traveling between towns and fast travel shrines. Now I have to be honest here you will still do a lot of walking but believe me it will save you a lot of time. So make the trek across New World and activate all of the Fast Travel Shrines.

New World Tips
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Multi Task While Farming For Resources

Whenever you are out trying to raise your harvesting, logging, or even mining. Make sure to take those resources and head to the nearest town and craft items with them. This will not only rank up a lot of your skills at once, but it will also give you more XP and more items to craft. For example, chopping down trees (Logging) will give you an opportunity to also level up smelting and woodworking. Long story short, do not waste any resources even if you don’t plan to be a crafter it is a way to gain XP.

Before Leaving Town Grab Town Project Missions

Traveling far is going to be a major part of New World. It sucks but it is the truth so, make sure to take full advantage of it. Make the most out of your Lord Of The Rings level travels by grabbing missions that you can accomplish along the way. If you’re heading to Brightwood from Last Light, grab some kill quest and material gathering quest in order to maximize your time. Especially if you have not been to the town yet and can not fast travel there. Also once you choose a faction do the same with faction quest.

New World Tips

I Know This Is Cheesy But, Do The Story Missions First

During my time on the last closed beta, it took me forever to level up. I did not realize that running the story missions especially up to the point of unlocking the Azoth Staff gives so much XP. Now once again play the game how you see fit, enjoy yourself but if you would like to level up at a decent pace you will need to do story missions. So at the bare minimum to enjoy the first dungeon finish the missions up to the completion of the Azoth Staff. Once you get the Azoth Staff you can start sealing corruption breaches and also access expeditions.

Hopefully, these tips make your time in Aeternum a lot easier. Let me know some tips that helped you out during your time in New World. The game launches tomorrow September 28th, 2021 Servers will go live at 8 am PDT for US West / 8 am EDT for US East / 8 am CEST for EU / 8 am BRT for South America / 9 pm AEST for Australia. See you in Aeternum.

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