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It goes without saying that comic book movies are an absolute cultural phenomenon. And after all the delays from 2020 into 2021, excitement is at an all-time high. One that many have been eagerly waiting for is Venom: There will be Carnage. Namely for the fact, we will see Venom’s biggest rival on screen. Well, we finally got to see him as Sony picture’s newest Venom trailer reveals Carnage in all his terrifying glory!

In the second official trailer for Venom: There will be Carnage we got quite a bit of tease on what to expect. IT shows the growing relationship between Eddie Brock and Venom themselves, which is still pure comedy gold. But the biggest takeaway is seeing Woody Harrelson nailing Cletus Kasady.

Along with seeing more Cletus, we got our first look at Carnage, and seeing him with his arsenal of abilities is simply marvelous. We also see how a glimpse of how they are creating Carnages origins, which is different from the comics, yet similar. However, there were more easter eggs within the trailer itself, such as glimpses of Shriek. The full trailer can be seen below:

The trailer definitely has so much contained in its short 2 and half minutes, but they are worth it. With the release date of September 24th, only a little more than a month away; the wait for this classic villain is almost over. Fans can check out more information on the official Venom site. Now, with that Venom trailer reveals Carnage the excitement for the new film is definitely rising.

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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