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Dying Light 2 after a troubled build-up has done fairly well. Within a month of launch, it had sold a total of 5 million copies. That figure is likely to be higher as the game is nearly three months old. We’ve been promised five years of support which isn’t hard to believe as the original game was heavily supported until just before the sequel’s launch. One piece of content fans want however is the option to have a New Game Plus.

Techland is launching the 1.3.0 update on the 27th of April. So with this update, fans get their wish as this update includes a New Game Plus mode. In addition to this mode, Techland is adding some new endgame content. You can carry over the character progression and inventory. You can also access thirty new inhibitors. What this does is it allows everyone to increase their character’s health as well as stamina.

For The Rest Of The Changes As Well New Game Plus

Enemies difficult will scale to your level which isn’t an unexpected change. We will also see what Techland calls golden encounters. These are designed for the more experienced players which include special enemies. Techland is also adding a new quest called “Something Big Been There”, which introduces brand new enemies.

These new challenges offer the chance to earn Legendary weapons and there’s a new platinum medal available for parkour challenges. And this update sees the addition of a FOV slider on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Will you be jumping back into Dying Light 2 New Game Plus ready for the upcoming story DLC which according to the roadmap is due soon? We love hearing your thoughts, so please get in touch and share what you think. If you wish to read our review of the game, then feel free to have a look here.

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