Nerd Stuff IRL | Peep Game Podcast Lvl. 2

We want to extend a BIG thank you to those of you who tuned in live for the second episode of the Peep Game Podcast! In this one, we discuss people who bring comic/manga/anime concepts to life in strange, cool, and creative ways. That means cool cosplays, impersonations, and even real-life historical events and figures. Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction!




The Peep Game Podcast with @DallazMan and @BaronJ67 is a show where we allow the things we love a chance to be seen and heard. Here, gaming news and current events take a back seat to our thoughts and feelings about the culture. If there are things you find interesting you want us to talk about feel free to reach out and let us know! Are there any people in real life you know of that mirror things you’ve seen in a fictional universe? What concepts have you seen in the media you consume that have bled over into your real, everyday life? Have any of us found true meaning in this crazy, convoluted world through on-screen, fictional worlds? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!

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