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Do you remember growing up and having those good Saturday morning cartoons? Fox Kids and WB had the best line-ups on Saturday! Well, I’m going to make my perfect Saturday morning lineup.

I’m opening with Animaniacs! We’re getting our morning started off with the Warner Brothers Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner Sister Dot. Starting the morning off with laughs as we check out their shenanigans and the adventures of Pinky and the Brain, Slappy The Squirrel, The Goodfeathers, and the rest.

I’m staying with Steven Spielberg cartoons and continuing with Freakazoid! Yes, the super teen extraordinaire that runs around in underwear, Freakazoid. We’re going to watch Dexter Douglas, a nerd computer ace that was surfing on the internet and got zapped into cyberspace. He turns into Freakazoid he’s strong and super quick, and h drives his villains crazy because he’s a lunatic. If you sang those two sentences, give me a virtual high-five because you felt like I felt how amazing that theme song is.

What else but Jackie Chan Adventures. One of my favorites! Jackie, Jade, and Uncle search for this talisman Indiana Jones style to keep them away from Dark Hand and the dragon demon-turned statue Shendu. It’s action, and it’s a comedy, and it’s one of my favorites. Oh yeah, one more thing (if you heard Uncle’s voice we are family) The J team!

Keeping with the adventure theme, let’s go with Duck Tales! When I say Duck Tales, I mean the original Duck Tales. So we are going to Duckburg and watch the adventures of the brothers Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Uncle Scrooge, and Launchpad McQuack.

Next, I’m going into my superhero block. Starting off with Batman: The Animated Series. This brilliant cartoon aged well and still holds up to this day. The Demon Quest Part 1 and 2, Old Wounds, and Legend of Dark Knight are some of my favorite episodes. In the episode Beware The Grey Ghost Adam West is brought in to voice the hero The Grey Ghost. The Grey Ghost was the hero Batman watched on TV growing up. Much Love to Batman The Animated Series.

Static Shock! The teenage hero from milestone media makes my list. Another one that holds well and the major reason I signed up for DC Universe when the streaming service was available. Static Shock dealt with some series issues, but it was a lot of fun to watch then, and I still watch it now. Milestone Media #0 is out and Static will return as a six-issue limited series starting later this month.

Now it’s not a list if I don’t have X-Men on here. X-Men the animated series was another great superhero cartoon. Many of the episodes had multiple parts to the story. Yes, the voice acting didn’t age well but overall X-Men the animated series was Excellent.

Pokémon! If you’re reading this, you know Pokémon had been on here. We all sang the theme song, and we all guessed “Who’s that Pokémon.” That first season was just amazing: Magmar vs Charizard is one of my favorite episodes. I hate we never got to see the Elite Four battle but man I loved everything about that initial season of Pokémon

Digimon is another anime I have to have on this list! The original Digi-Destined battling Devimon, Myotismon, Venimyotis, and Dark Masters had me nervous on Saturday mornings because these were intense battles. Like, Tai and Matt getting hit with arrows of Love and Faith and unlocking Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon, or how about TK finally getting Patamon to digivolve into Magna Angemon! Man, those were glorious moments.

Yu-Gi-Oh, the king of games is next. The Duelist Kingdom and Battle City had me glued to the TV every Saturday morning! I’m 33 years old, and I’m still mad about how the plot saved Joey from taking that W against Yugi. Yugi vs Pegasus, Yugi vs Kaiba the rematch, The Egyptian God Cards, Yugi beating Duke Devlin in a game Duke Devlin created. I loved Yu-Gi-Oh!


Gargoyles, Superman, Spider-Man, and Shaolin Showdow

Ending my wonder Saturday lineup would be none other than (drum roll)…. POWER RANGERS! Yes, Power Rangers, specifically Time Force. Time Force is a post-Zordon era season that is amazing and one of my favorite seasons in the Power Ranger Legacy.

That’s my perfect Saturday morning lineup. What would you change if you make your list? Would take anything off or replace anything I chose. Let me know on Twitter @HeiskellBrandyn

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