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Time Spiral Remastered is a paper-only release coming out in March 2021. Paper release means that it will not be in Magic: Arena (the flagship digital client for Magic the Gathering). This reimaging of the set is designed to be drafted. It consists of cards from the 3 sets in the Time Spiral block from 2006-2007, and recent cards that will receive a classic border treatment. This nostalgic set will be great for experienced players who have been playing for a while. Newer players may find wording/rule text on the cards cumbersome or difficult to consume. Rules text has been streamlined considerably in the last decade.

Drafting Time Spiral Remastered

Drafting is one of the most popular ways to play Magic. The process starts with 8 players with 3 packs each. Each player cracks their pack and chooses a card they want from the pack. The player will then pass to the player next to them and repeat that process until all cards from the pack are chosen. Then you would repeat 2 more times. Next, the players will build a 40-card deck, usually consisting of 23 spells and 17 lands, and then play each other. This format is popular with players due to the limited resources you receive and the process of building a deck around those constraints.

Time Shifted Cards/Old Border Cards

I got into Magic after this set had been released, so the most intriguing aspect of this set is the time-shifted cards. In the original Time Spiral set, the time-shifted cards were cards from Magic’s past in the old border that was used in the ’90s. For this set, they are taking cards from the recent past and giving the cards the old border treatment. As a commander player, it will be nice to use these cards to give my main commander deck some flair. There is one of these cards in every pack of Time Spiral Remaster. See below for an example.

End Step

That wraps up a quick synopsis of the new Magic the Gathering set, called Time Spiral Remastered, coming out in March. I’m new to the site and will be posting more news and thoughts about Magic paper or Magic Arena. If you want to discuss Magic or would like to see preview articles for new cards on the site let me know on Twitter @jwillia04. I got the pictures from the website, its a great website that has all sets of Magic both paper and digital.

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