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It’s a busy period for those connected with Activision. Not only do we still have the finer points of the Microsoft deal to be fully completed. We also have potential news of a new Call of Duty. Now in February this year, we covered news about the future of that franchise. So at the time, it was reported that the franchise was taking a year’s break. Not only that, this year we would see more content for Modern Warfare 2. Well, it seems that is mostly true. However, we have reports a Modern Warfare 3 reboot is due later in the year.

So this would be believable as we’ve had reboots of the previous two games. We have also had reports from NBA players who were shown the game as well. All this has been covered by Push Square. Now Jason Schreier has updated on Twitter stating Modern Warfare 3 is in fact a reality.

Modern Warfare 3

We have no official trailer or even an announcement on the official website or Twitter account. We do have the poll in the tweet above. Though I would guess an announcement is imminent. Especially as it was around this time last year that we saw the reveal trailer for Modern Warfare 2. Even Vanguard in 2021 didn’t get its reveal until August. It does seem an expansion was planned but developed into a full release. That’s not unusual, as Skull and Bones by Ubisoft were originally conceived as an expansion to Black Flag, the fourth main game in the series.

Also, the Modern Warfare titles have been headed up by Infinity Ward. However, for a reboot of the third game, it will be headed up by Sledgehammer. That is the team who headed up Vanguard. Overall Vanguard has a mixed rating on Steam so who knows what that means for the next title.

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