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So a couple of weeks ago, we heard a little bit more about a potential Call of Duty release in 2023. Following the leaks at the time, Jason Schreier provided some more clarity in a Twitter/X post. He said there was confirmation from Activision that “this year’s Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be a continuation of last year’s game, as Bloomberg previously reported. It was originally planned as a premium expansion before morphing into a full title”. That was followed up with him stating the name of the game. He added next that “Modern Warfare 3, will continue the story and allow players to bring over content from last year’s game. Original plans were for Modern Warfare 2 to get two years of support. This new one’s led by Sledgehammer with support from Infinity Ward, Raven, and others”.

Infinity Ward was in charge of previous Modern Warfare releases. However, it appears that Sledgehammer Games will bear responsibility for the 2023 entry. Sledgehammer’s social media pictures were recently changed. They had the number three written in red Roman numerals clearly teasing Modern Warfare 3. Activision has now released the official information. As expected, the Modern Warfare franchise has reached the third installment.

What We Know About Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

This story was covered by Eurogamer alongside other sources. We have had numerous leaks in the past. Though now officially we know the title and we also can see from the trailer above we have a confirmed release date. Fans need to be ready for 10th November, that’s when we’ll see the return of Captain Price. We don’t know the plot or if any other iconic characters will be part of the game. However, we will undoubtedly hear more before long. We also have Gamescom coming up later this month. That is, we have a perfect setting for a full trailer. Also currently there are no pre-orders available.

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