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Mixer is Dead, what’s next? I don’t need to tell you the news, Mixer is getting shut down. It has been all over social media gaining so much attention it was trending on twitter and even on media outlets. However sad this news is, this is a big deal. I am not here to discuss Mixer as a platform; What I am here to do though, is talk about what happens in the streaming space now. For those who have not seen the announcement you can find the link to the tweet below: Competition is healthy and helps markets grow. It drives companies to push boundaries and create innovation that can take us further than we have ever gone as a streaming community. Mixer may not have been the biggest player in the game, but it did give Twitch, YouTube, DLive and others a run for their money. It is no understatement that Twitch holds a monopoly on the streaming industry. While YouTube Gaming has been gaining traction, it is nowhere close to what Twitch is. Mixer made a huge dent in Twitch where YouTube could not. Exclusivity. In the Summer of 2019, it was announced that Ninja, one of the biggest content creators in the world, had left Twitch to stream exclusively on Mixer. Now this was a big deal. Ninja was the face of Twitch, just as PewDiePie is for YouTube. This had major implications, in my speculation, when announced. Ninja is a former Pro Halo player, Microsoft was gonna use him to promote Halo. However, not only that, it set in motion the idea that a streamer could be bought by a deal by another service, similar to how athletes have contracts that can be bought by other teams. Now there are multiple deals in place for multiple creators on Twitch & YouTube alike for this reason. Because of what Mixer and Ninja did. Mixer was a home for many streamers who had lost their home on Twitch, or found its easy accessibility to stream directly from their Xbox and whatever reasons else they may have had. Now those Streamers and content creators don’t have a home. They did however, build strong communities and will hopefully find success wherever they move to next.

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