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Multiple rumors are circulating over mid-gen updates. Firstly we saw news about a new Xbox console which we brought to you. We have no confirmed news as yet or even a full specification. Meaning we can’t say for sure it’s a new design or upgraded hardware. They have seen mid-gen upgrades before. Firstly we saw the PlayStation 4 Pro and then the Xbox One X. Sony updated their hardware with the slim model of the PlayStation 5 just recently.

Now we see another twist in the story with news from South Korea. Pure Xbox has posted news that’s been found on the South Korean National Radio Research Agency. So what exactly is happening? It seems a new Xbox development kit has been approved. The model number on the listing is 2089. The Xbox Series X also had a rating from the South Korean National Radio Research Agency and model number of 1881 just five months prior to its launch in November 2020. So with a new development kit could we see an upgraded model? Yet it’s too early to say

Now For The Sony Mid Gen Update News

For Sony, we have a lot more talk on hardware. It seems very likely Sony is upgrading the PlayStation 5 and these stories have been put together by Eurogamer who says:

First of all, let’s address the authenticity of the leaks we’ve seen thus far, which essentially operate on two levels. First of all, Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson has a spotless record in revealing new PlayStation hardware – from the existence of the PlayStation Portal through to the PS5 Slim with its detachable/upgradable optical drive to the existence of the Pro, he has yet to put a foot wrong. Even his less-shared reporting on the technical make-up of Sony’s cloud-based PS5 streaming looks accurate based on our analysis of the system.

The second tier of leak is more understandable and some might say inevitable. The key details seen recently come from documentation available on PlayStation’s ‘devnet’ portal. What we’re looking at here is a wide scale disclosure to third-party developers and publishers that was almost certain to leak immediately just as ‘PS4K’ or ‘PS4.5’ did back in March 2016, before Sony made it official several months later as PlayStation 4 Pro. The relatively widespread nature of this disclosure made it relatively easy to verify.

This means this looks more cut and dried as a likely release, as for the Xbox information we don’t know anything in regards to specs.

PlayStation 5 Pro Rumoured Specs

  • CPU Architecture/ Clock Speeds: Eight core/16 Thread Zen 2 at 3.5GHz/3.85GHz
  • GPU Compute Units/ Architecture: 60 CUs, RNDA 3 (TBC)
  • TFLOPs/GPU Clock Speed: 33.5TF/ 2.18GHz (TBC)
  • GDDR6 Memory: 16GB at 18Gbps
  • Memory Available For Games: 13.7GB
  • Memory Interface/ Bandwidth: 256-bit/576GB/s

Compare to what the PlayStation 5 offers now.

  • CPU Architecture/ Clock Speeds: Eight core/16 Thread Zen 2 at 3.5GHz
  • GPU Compute Units/ Architecture: 36 CUS, RDNA 2
  • TFLOPs/GPU Clock Speed: 10.23TF/ 2.23GHz
  • GDDR6 Memory: 16GB at 14Gbps
  • Memory Available For Games: 12.5GB
  • Memory Interface/ Bandwidth: 256-bit/448GB/s

The article also adds

PlayStation 5 Pro also features advanced ray tracing hardware/custom machine learning silicon and an enhanced audio block. TFLOPs on PS5 Pro are ‘inflated’ vs gameplay purpose owing to dual-issue FP32 support in Pro not found on the standard PS5.

At the time of writing none of this has been informed and neither Microsoft or Sony have officially unveiled any new hardware.

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