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The fight for humanity is tough when the world comes to an end and halt due to that which we cannot understand. Struggling to survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment. But what happens when the world is ravaged by what can only be seen as a force of nature? Well in our Miasma Chronicles review, we show you.

This game is a tactical stealth game in one about a boy and his robot brother struggling to survive in an unforgiving world. To learn the mystery of the Miasma and find his mama. So is the game a chronicle worth embracing or is the miasma too much to bare, read our full review down below.

Spoiler Warnings: We will go heavy into parts of the story so read at your own risk.


Miasma Chronicles starts with our main hero Elvis trying to get through a wall of Miasma. His glove has the ability to reach out to it, however after trying his glove fails. His brother, Diggs, comforts him and says they should head back home. That they will find a way to find their mama.

However, on their way home they find new monsters, large frogs that murdered a family they know: the Vaaters. After a showdown, he reports to the mayor about this new potential threat to the community. After explaining that the core of his glove is destroyed the Mayor, sends Elvis and Diggs to find a new one. While finding hidden data from his mama’s encrypted drive for him.

After an exploration of a nearby zone and finding a tool for a local resident, Elvis gets a new Core for his glove. After notifying the Mayor, he is told of a riddle left by his mama, that the glove allows an Editor to absorb the Miasma. This in turn allows them to control the miasma, and use its power. Elvis remembered one just outside of the town and goes to the swirling vortex. It draws him in almost calling, and absorbs into his glove. Now able to create powers from the miasma. With more power and control than ever, Elvis and Diggs, immediately put it to use taking down a group of frogs.

A Search for Family:

After telling the Mayor about his new power, he is sent out to help the town as they try to fight off an invasion. On their way, they meet a young badass woman named Jade. She is looking to help the boys as she needs to find Elvis’ mother as well. She is on the run from the first family, the organization, and the remnants of the “leaders” of America. They use their power to control towns for resources and offer “support” till they can’t and either abandon them to the miasma or kill everyone.

Throughout the game, we learn more about the remnants of what used to be America in the remains of Kentucky. Along with that, we learn more about the world, the Miasma, Elvis, and Diggs, but the biggest mystery is of their Mama: Bha Maddhi. The world is absolutely enthralling to learn about the fall of America due to the Miasma. However, seeing how many still try to survive in the country while having forgotten so much of the past adds to this feeling of rediscovery.

Miasma Chronicles has this dark tone throughout, however, it also holds a feeling of hope. The journey of boys simply wanting to reunite their family is one many can enjoy


The visuals in Miasma Chronicles are absolutely stunning and I mean that. Throughout the game, it really heavily emphasizes the post-apocalypse of a fallen America. To sell this, there is heavy usage of dark colors like grays and browns, and obviously, usage of black to represent the Miasma. However, there is also a nice contrast with characters offering bright colors.

More than anything the game looks and plays very smoothly, and looks absolutely stunning on next-gen hardware. Not to mention the details of each character. There is so much detail given to everyone that you meet. From the way, the mayor is nothing more than a living head, to the design of the grabbers or frogs you fight. Even the monstrous designs of the trees mutated by the miasma and the living trees that now plague the wilds.

Elvis has so much attention to his design from his mechanic attire to his glove. Each part of his character oozes an almost post-punk style, like Mad Max or Fist of the North Star, but instead of the endless wastelands and sand, it’s a mutated forest and swamp among the decaying cities and skyscrapers. Even Jade has so much character in her design. From her badass attire to her face. She has this black hair with a blue tint on the tips with feathers braided in. As well as one eye that seems to either be almost clear from experimentation or blind.

The designs throughout Miasma are a beautiful depiction of a world long lost.


The sound design of Miasma Chronicles is beautiful work in wonderment. What I mean by that is that game throughout it absolutely utilizes its background noises to perfection. Each area has a sound that fits perfectly. Whether you’re in the back swamps of Gator zone or the crumbling highways and skyscrapers of EDEN. Each area has a unique feel.

That’s without even taking into account that the sounds of combat are thrilling. Each weapon sounds real, it sounds good and visceral and each gun sounds hard-hitting and powerful. That’s not counting the sounds when you utilize your miasma powers.

On top of that, the talent with the voice acting is phenomenal. Elvis perfectly captures that Kentucky southern drawl well, as well as some of the others around. Diggs brings this level of humor and personality as a robot that adds so much heart to the duo. While Jade’s voice adds the perfect level of mystery and badass.

Every part of the sound in Miasma Chronicles is simply well done. there is no other way to put it.


The gameplay in Miasma Chronicles plays out like your traditional tactical strategy game, however, there are a few twists. These changes and additions to some rather standard mechanics go a long way in helping the game stand out. The first is the game prides itself on the inclusion of stealth. This plays a large part in combat. As when Jade joins the party, she introduces a silent sniper rifle. Allowing players to kill enemies silently without starting combat. This goes a long way in allowing players to take advantage and even the odds, by picking off enemies early.

It allows a lot more tactical decisions and planning for combat by taking potentially stronger enemies outright or picking off a number of weaker ones. Mix in the fact that Elvis has the power to control the miasma. This adds another aspect of combat, as you find different Miasma storms throughout the game, which in turn unlocks new powers which give many new possibilities.

The first is able to conjure a vortex to lift enemies and toss them around. While doing no damage on its own, you can take advantage of the environment, like tossing an enemy into an explosive. While another power allows you to use lightning, or even summon a frog under your control to help your squad. That’s on top of the fact you learn about CHIPs. Special chips that can be plugged into Elvis’s glove to add even more effects to his powers. Whether that’s adding new damage types, draining health, or even allowing it to cost even less energy to cast.


Weapons in the game also get a bit of support as there are a few different types, from your standard assault rifle and shotgun to a Sniper rifle, or even a Tactical Disk gun. Which allows you to fire a bouncing projectile to get around cover. And the more it bounces the less hit chance it gets, but the higher the crit chance. Offering versatility.

Since the game is also an RPG with an overall level system, you’re able to share levels with all party members and upgrade them. Each character has a skill deck that unlocks different passive and active skills. This allows you to flesh out your team even more, to take advantage of the perfect style for you.

While the game uses a lot of commonality mechanics from other contemporaries, the team does a lot to set it apart. Everything just melds so well together that it feels amazing to play and make particular difficult encounters, more manageable.

Closing thoughts:

Overall my time with my Miasma Chronicles review was a blast. The story was intriguing and the world absolutely stole my attention. While the characters had a lot of heart, and the game plays like a very polished Tactical Strategy, while at times could seem overwhelming was the pure adrenaline rush I love. Looking into the face of adversity in overwhelming odds and coming out on top.

If you love Tactical games do yourself a favor and play this game. Thank you to the Team over 505 for providing the key for my Miasma Chronicles review. It is currently out now on PC through Steam, and on PS5, Xbox Series X|S. To see other reviews we’ve written you can find them on our site.

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

Hey everyone hope you enjoyed my thoughts and breakdowns in the article above. You can keep up with my thoughts & shenanigans by following me on all my social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, & Youtube.

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