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New World and skill grinding go together like Santa Claus and cookies. On the other hand, it does take an unholy amount of time to max out skills. Well here are some tips to quickly max out Tracking and Skinning. Now what makes Skinning worthwhile is the crafting and cooking resources that you’re able to get. Different tiers of meat, hide, and special resources drop while skinning. Enough of that if you are still reading it’s because you already are skinning and you want to max this gathering skill.

First And Foremost Get Good Skinning Tools

Max Out Skinning

I know I know, this is well known but still make sure you have the best available skinning knife when focusing on leveling this skill. Tanner’s Discipline is a perk that can boost up to 3.0%-9.4% more skinning experience. Make sure to get ahold of a knife with this perk. This will hasten your skinning XP gains up on your way to level 100. Now once you grind to level 100 take your skills to Restless Shore.

Max Out Skinning By Slaughtering Boars

Max Out Skinning

Boarsholm, the slaughtering grounds for level 45 boars and a level 46 Tuskgore boss. This is the haven for leveling your Tracking and Skinning. Now, who knows how long this holy grail will last. What makes this place special is the spawning speed of these boars along with how much XP you gain for each skin. You will get around 600 XP per boar skinned so this will make the journey to 200 a quick one. There are usually a decent amount of players in the area farming the location. So you don’t have to be worried about being alone. Within a few hours of farming in Boarsholm you will max out your Tracking and Skinning gathering skill.

Here are some other helpful guides on Hemp Harvesting, Iron in Weaver’s Fen, and starter tips for New World. Much love to The Grand Exchange for the help and knowledge.

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