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Details surrounding the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition release date has finally come to light. The anticipated remastered trilogy has been given the release date of May 14th. This will be on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with compatibility and targeted enhancements on PS5 and Xbox Series X\S. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will also make its way to PC via Steam and Origin. This is essentially a Mass Effect remastered trilogy, a 4k remaster.

Mass Effect Remastered
Credit: BioWare

Although we did get an official release date this was not the only reveal, we also got further details on what to expect from these improved versions of the mentioned sci-fi trilogy. This is an overhaul of the single-player experience and will not include multiplayer.

A Modern Overhaul to a Beloved Classic

Alongside these details, there was an official trailer for the Mass Effect remastered trilogy released earlier today.

Visually there have been some changes made, including:

  • Updated character models across the entire trilogy.
  • 4k Ultra HD, HDR, and 60fps presentation for the whole trilogy. (both current and next-gen console versions will be able to run 60fps)
  • Updated shaders, VFX, and lighting.
  • Pre-rendered cinematic scenes have been enhanced.
  • Thousands of textures upressed.
  • PC bonuses such as 21:9 widescreen, keybindings, proper native controller support, and DirectX 11 support.
Mass Effect Remastered Mako
Credit: BioWare

Polishing the Original

There were changes made to the entire trilogy, however, each title had different priorities as to what was to be changed. For instance, the first Mass Effect, although it plays essentially the same as before. It had tweaks made to it to try and bring it more in line with Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. These changes consist of the following:

  • Mass Effect 2/3 aim assist: It will feature aim assist, allowing to instantly aim at nearby enemies. As well as smoother camera control, whether it is aiming with a scope or not.
  • Redesigned UI: As previously mentioned, the game will run the same as the original in essence. However, things like grenades will be given a more current look when displayed on the screen.
  • Character customization equal across all three games: Features available when customizing your Shepard will be the same across the entire trilogy. This includes having female Shepard now being ME1’s default when customizing. Customizing in ME1 will be the same as in ME3.
  • Control scheme adjusted: Controls for ME1 have been modified to bring them closer to the later games. Such as a dedicated melee button, contrary to the original which would trigger a melee automatically whenever you would shoot near an enemy.
  • Faster elevators: Seemingly they are nearly 4 times faster, according to a PC demo that BioWare demonstrated.
  • AI improvements: AI enemies and squadmates have had improvements, alongside some bosses getting adjustings and tweaks.
  • Improved Mako: Much quicker alongside up-to-date physics.
  • Class and XP tweaked: Any class can use any weapon, and XP acquired has been rebalanced so that the level cap of 60 can be reached in your first walkthrough of the game.
  • Mini-games unified: All three games will have all access to all mini-games, contrary to how the original ME1 had distinct minigames on both PC and console.
Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Credit: BioWare

Last but not least, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will include all single-player base content for all three games, story DLC, promo weapons, armors, and packs. Multiplayer will not be included in this collection.

The following DLC will be included:

  • Bring Down the Sky
  • Genesis
  • Zaeed – The Price of Revenge
  • Kasumi – Stolen Memory
  • Lair of the Shadow Broker
  • Firewalker Pack
  • Overlord
  • Normandy Crash Site
  • Arrival
  • Genesis 2
  • From Ashes
  • Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut
  • Leviathan
  • Omega
  • Citadel
  • Equalizer Pack
  • Aegis Pack
  • Firepower Pack
  • Cerberus Weapons and Armor
  • Arc Projector
  • ME2 Alternate Appearance Pack 1
  • ME2 Alternate Appearance Pack 2
  • ME3 Alternate Appearance Pack 1
  • Firefight Pack
  • Groundside Resistance Pack
  • Recon Operations Pack
  • Collector’s Weapon and Armor
  • Terminus Weapon and Armor
  • M-21 Incisor
  • Blood Dragon Armor
  • Inferno Armor
  • Recon Hood
  • Sentry Interface
  • Umbra Visor
  • N7 Warfare Gear
  • AT-12 Raider
  • Chakram Launcher
  • M-55 Argus
  • M-90 Indra
  • Reckoner Knight Armor
  • N7 Collector’s Edition Pack

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