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So earlier this Summer we returned to the world of Layers of Fear. The game in question was the remake which combined all previous content including DLC with new content. It was a psychological horror and it seems the genre is coming back in a big way. We have a remake on the way for Silent Hill 2 and Alone in the Dark remake/reboot hits on 25th October. Fort Solis gives us a psychological thriller later in August. However last month on PC we saw another game hit the list. Therefore let’s introduce a game you may have not come across in Lunacy: Saint Rhodes. This game was originally announced back in 2018 by Iceberg Interactive.

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes

So let’s look a little more at what Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is all about. First up as it’s a psychological horror set in first person. You will use puzzle-solving to explore the main character’s family history. The Steam listing tells us more about the upcoming horror title.

“Explore your dark family history in Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, a first-person psychological horror adventure game in which you feel the distinct feeling of terror at your every step.

What truly happened in Saint Rhodes?
Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is a first-person psychological horror adventure game in which you seek the truth behind your family’s horrific murder. Investigate the history behind your ancestral home and the town of Saint Rhodes, while fighting to survive against what haunts it. Uncover your family’s troubled past as you descend further and further into insanity.

Expect the unexpected
Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is a truly terrifying experience, featuring a detailed world that tells the story of what happened in the haunted town of Saint Rhodes. Frightening creatures roam the town, as you explore Saint Rhodes in search of clues to help you survive.”

So the game features.

  • Experience a truly disturbing haunted town
  • True atmospheric horror is achieved by the beautifully crafted environments of Saint Rhodes
  • Mind-bending puzzles designed to challenge your witsPetrifying story involving a family with a dark past
  • Terrifying enemies that all require a different approach
  • Two endings to uncover
Lunacy: Saint Rhodes

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes Release Information

As for what platforms it will be on, it is currently available for PC via Steam only. I’ve also seen no mention of a console port, but I’ve asked on the game’s official Twitter page and have yet to receive a response. If this game has caught your interest and you are wondering when you can play it, we have good news for you. It’s available right now and priced at £16.75/$19.99/€19.50. Here below is the launch trailer check it out and let us know what you think.

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