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Earlier this year we brought news about Layers of Fear. As we saw it was given a summer release date and recently Bloober Team announced a June release. What is interesting about this remake it is a full from ground-up rebuild in Unreal Engine 5. However, it is not just the first game being rebuilt. The remake includes all the DLC for the first game. It also includes all the content for the sequel also rebuilt from the ground up. Though to tie everything together, Bloober Team has created new content creating a complete psychological horror experience.

Layers of Fear

As well as confirming a release window we have a demo that is available for a limited period exclusively to Steam. If you can access Steam the demo can be found on the game’s Steam listing which can be found here. I decided to try the demo out and was impressed with what I experienced. So for those interested, some footage of the new version of Layers of Fear can be found below.

Layers Of Fear Release Information

Well, now we can narrow that release down with a release date. Bloober Team are bringing the remake of their horror title on the 15th of June. So we are a month from release at the time of writing. It’s also a busy period for horror fans as Greyhill Incident hits on 9th June. As for platforms, this remake is coming to the console as well. It will launch on PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X/S alongside PC. Last gen hardware sadly won’t be seeing this game.

Layers of Fear

Now will you be looking into grabbing this next month? As always we love hearing your thoughts. So why not get in touch and share those thoughts? Also, did you get a chance to try the demo? Regardless if you loved it or found it lacking we’d be interested in hearing what you felt about it.

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