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Welp, this is not good news. The Last of Us 2, PlayStation’s highly anticipated sequel has been leaked. And the leaks are pretty substantial. For more reasons than one I will not post any of those leaks in this article, but if you are feeling froggy check them out here. Now by the time you read this these leaked videos will be taken down. Roaming through the rumor mills of the internet, we are hearing this leaks my be due to a disgruntled Naughty Dog employee. Take that with a grain of salt, there would surely be a ridiculously huge lawsuit headed that guy or gals way. tlou 2 Now this is not the first or will be the last game that gets leaked. However, this is one of the more significant leaks in a very long time. The last of Us 2 is considered by most a 2020 Game of the Year candidate, if it actually releases in 2020. I have not personally looked into any of these leaks, though to be completely honest even if I did it wouldn’t prevent me from still purchasing the game. The original Last of Us game was a generational type game. The type of game that sticks with you for a very long time and recommend everyone to play. So unless we are facing the end of the world there is nothing to prevent me from continuing this amazing story by one of the if not the best gaming studio regardless of leaks.    

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