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The platformer genre is a staple and kind of the foundation of the gaming industry. Especially among indies, thanks partly to games like Super Meat Boy and Braid. However, what if we took the platformer and mixed it with a rhythm game all over a Heavy Metal Soundtrack, and you get Krimson. Let me tell you I was thoroughly surprised with my Krimson review.

See if you want to know if this is a game worth jumping and banging your head for; or if it’s best to be left in hell. Read on to get my thoughts about this heavy-rocking platformer of a game.


The story of Krimson, if you can really call it one, is kinda barebones and up for interpretation. You are a simple soul, a slab of meat rolling, jumping, hopping, and trying to escape from hell. You start in the first circle as you make your way across multiple stages to escape. In some cases, running from terrifying threats, and fighting others with the power of hell and beats.

While there isn’t much expressly told to the player, you can create your own sort of self-made narrative as you play. While this isn’t a bad thing, it is also not the best thing. However, sometimes self-made interpretations work best.


The look of Krimson is something right off the covers of an 80s rock or metal album. From its heavy emphasis on red and black colors to its use of skulls, flying eyeballs, barbed wire, and, of course, hellfire, the look of Krimson is insane. For a fan of this aesthetic and lifestyle, this pleases me to no end.

With an added CRT TV warping for an added visual effect, the pure look of Krimson is one of the most pleasing I’ve seen. Even with its almost pixel-style look, the neon that glows on many of the objects throughout gives it a haunting look. All of these combine into a truly badass look that stands out on its own. This all ties into the other aspects of the game, such as the audio offering visual cues to the next stages.


The audio of Krimson is some of the sickest, hardest, and bass-heavy tracks I’ve heard in a minute. While not exactly metal in a traditional sense, the heavy usage of bass guitars mixed with synth backing gives the game a more darkwave feel. Darkwave is a bassier and heavier form of synth-wave, which itself is an offshoot of electronic.

This deeper and heavier feel matches with the game’s core mechanics of being rhythm-focused. It blends into the amazing visuals adding to a unique look and a part that ties into the gameplay. The OST feels and sounds good, offering a unique sound that changes through the stages.


The gameplay loop of Krimson is a simple one. You play as a slab of meat deep in hell and you try to escape. You roll around and hop on walls, flying platforms, dodging spikes, fireballs, and flying skulls. All as you jump, climb, and crawl through hell.

The game is a very well-done platformer, and while it may be simple in design, it is TOUGH in execution. The game is very unforgiving as it’s difficult to master. Mixing in the rhythm aspect of needing to pay attention to the music in the background to use as a guide on where to go and move.

This makes for an immersive use of all aspects of the game from the visuals and audio tying directly into the environment. It all creates this brilliantly designed punishing, yet fun, experience as you journey through hell.

Closing Thoughts:

Overall, during my Krimson review, my time was enjoyable. If not frustrating at times, simply due to the insane layout of some levels. As well as the brutal spike in difficulty, however, it was still great.

With an insanely heavy soundtrack, some hardcore grungy visuals, and a brutal challenge, this is a game for fans of the platformer genre for sure. Don’t let its challenges or visuals deter you.

I want to thank PM Studios for providing our team with a Key for our Krimson review. If you want to check out the game it is currently available on all platforms. You can find it on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC on Steam.

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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