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As someone who is known for his love of Anime and manga, it can be very daunting when introducing someone into that world. It can be a lot to take in and there are hundreds of series. So many to recommend from various publishing companies. However, when a house like Kodansha, the publisher behind Attack on Titan, does something huge it’s hard to not notice. That is what they are doing as they are giving away hundreds of first volumes of manga for free.

Now you are probably thinking you may have misread that title or paragraph, but no you didn’t. That is right, Kodansha themselves made the announcement on their Twitter account. Currently, they are just giving away manga in one of their biggest sales.

So not only can you read the first Volume of probably one of the biggest series out there, Attack on Titan. You can also check out other popular series like Bluelock, Battle Angel Alita, Tokyo Revengers, Noragami, Vinland Saga, and so much more!

Not only can you get the first volumes for free; but if you find a series you like you can even get its subsequent volumes at 50% off! Like if you want to talk about a good deal this is mind-bogglingly great! Now, this is coming from Kodonasha USA, so it seems to allow only US residents. However, there have been reports of working for those in Canada and Mexico.

Now, this is all in collaboration with their store partners: BookwalkerGoogle PlayKoboNookMyAnimeList, and a few others. This sale is lasting till the 27th, so you need to hop on this sale as soon as you can! If you ever needed a reason to hop into the world of manga and anime, this is your chance!

So let us know if you will be checking out all this Manga for free from Kodansha. You know I already am, as the Anime King here on the team. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

-Jess (Bloodieknux)

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