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My name is Baron and this is my documented journey through my backlog of games. Firstly, let’s get all the backlog jokes out of the way now (all puns intended, and if I inadvertently write one let me know in the comments please). Secondly, I hit that wonderful point in life where you can afford games but don’t have time to enjoy them. Thirdly, there are a lot of “-ly’s” in this but whatever we’re here now.

So this mountain of 40+ hour games I need to finish did not just magically pop up. It was a slow “hourglass grain of sand” situation. That now turned into a golem that takes up space and pays no rent. Just to give you a few examples of the games I’m dealing with, everything from Persona 5 to Dishonored 2. Let me be clear here these titles mentioned are quick bookends to scale the situation. One of those games is 100+ hours full JRPG and the other is a 16+ hour action experience. A wide range of games to run and little time to enjoy them.

Now the big how did I get to this point in my gaming life. Simple, started live streaming, recording video content, reviewing games, and playing games like Destiny. Games that don’t have a true ending have been my greatest weakness. Daily challenges, mindless farming, and PVP my God it has eaten so much of my gaming time. Now through all of that, I was foolishly and religiously buying games.

Now I’m not one to sit around in the sulks. You know, “verb it’s what you do” or whatever those commercials used to say. So I came up with a plan, “PLAY MORE GAMES!” Let’s be honest that sounds super simple, I know. In other words, I will be approaching this with a bit of a strategy. So far I have completed Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Resident Evil 2 Remake, and The Last of Us Part 2. I have been playing games that have actual endings, and lowered the amount of time I play PVP heavy titles. Also, I am sprinkling in a few large RPGs in between every few games I beat. So now the next game on this “journey through my backlog” is Final Fantasy XV time to find out what’s up with Noctis.

Buckle up and stay tapped in to Lv1 Gaming for more updates on my quest.

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