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Jingle Jam 2020 charity fundraiser is now live! Additionally, this includes the Jingle Jam 2020 Games Bundle. This year’s bundle has a bunch of content for games like Call of Duty and Among Us, as well as full titles like Starbound and Transistor. It’s worth over £400 ($481.52 USD) and helps to support great causes. You can check out the full bundle contents here: Currently, the Jingle Jam has already raised nearly £800,000 for 12 charitable projects in just the first 12 hours on sale! The Jingle Jam, the world’s biggest games charity event, has kicked off two weeks of fundraising with the launch of the 2020 Jingle Jam Games Bundle! Available by donating £25 or more to the Jingle Jam 2020 on Tiltify, the bundle features a huge 35+ PC games and add-on content worth over £400 ($481.52 USD) individually. There is also content for titles such as Among Us and Call Of Duty, plus full titles such as Starbound and Transistor. Check out the full lineup on the Tiltify page here: Jingle Jam 2020 The Jingle Jam bundle is only possible with the amazing kindness of developers and publisher partners. Who have donated their games and add-on content for free, making no profit. The Jingle Jam 2020 raises funds for 12 charitable projects across the globe that supporters can choose to donate to. The 12 projects are: Access Sport (Click Me to Find out More) The Access Sport Life Changers project will improve the lives of 5,000 disabled children through giving them opportunities to take part in exciting outdoor sports such as BMX cycling, and by delivering vital sports equipment direct to the home to make lasting improvements to participants’ physical and mental health. British Games Institute (Click Me to Find out More) The National Videogame Museum will help some of the UK’s most disadvantaged children tackle mental health and catch up with their education by teaching them how to make games, reaching thousands of children hit hardest by the pandemic and inspire them to make games, rekindle their self-confidence and re-engage with their studies. Call of Duty Endowment (Click Me to Find out More) Call of Duty Endowment helps veterans find high quality careers by supporting groups that prepare them for the job market and by raising awareness of the value vets bring to the workplace. ILGA World (Click Me to Find out More) Thanks to the support powered by Jingle Jam, 60 LGBTI activists from Africa, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere will be trained at the 2022 ILGA World Conference, the largest global gathering for rainbow change-makers. These donations will also help ILGA World create 5 global-level campaigns to help win over the hearts and minds of the public. Mental Health Foundation (Click Me to Find out More) MHF will bring together gamers and industry experts for a research project with the gaming community to understand the relationship between gaming and wellbeing. One25 (Click Me to Find out More) Jingle Jam will fund a whole year of One25’s drop-in, for women facing street sex work. This provides deeply marginalised women with practical help, a sanctuary and an onwards route to freedom from poverty, violence and addiction. Open Bionics (Click Me to Find out More) Jingle Jam is helping to fund 10 advanced bionic Hero Arms for 10 amputees from socio-economically deprived backgrounds. Safe In Our World (Click Me to Find out More) The money raised by the Jingle Jam will fund the creation of Community Managers courses, which will be delivered free of charge to the video games community and industry. They strive to equip those who interact directly with gamers, on the front line, with the knowledge to be able to support their communities through awareness and mental health first aid. SpecialEffect (Click Me to Find out More) With the money raised from Jingle Jam 2020, SpecialEffect will fund the creation of two brand new games for its innovative ‘EyeGaze Games’ project – a free-to-play, browser-based, eye-controlled suite of games designed to be accessible to severely disabled people all over the world. The Grand Appeal (Click Me to Find out More) Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, in a long-term partnership with The Yogscast, is raising £2 million to build a new, state of the art facility for patients at Bristol Children’s Hospital. The facility will provide specialist services for sick and vulnerable children, including patients with disabilities, such as rehabilitation, play and music therapy in a family-friendly environment. War Child (Click Me to Find out More) Millions of children each year are exposed to extreme violence and are displaced from their communities meaning that they are missing out on childhood as we know it. By supporting War Child’s Safe Space to Play and Learn in the Jingle Jam, you can give children the tools they need to thrive by funding our Early Childhood Development programmes for preschool children in conflict zones. WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation (Click Me to Find out More) With just 1,500 remaining, the Atlantic humpback dolphin is critically endangered and urgently needs protection. The Yogscast community’s support this Jingle Jam will help WDC’s experts to start a vital project across 19 countries in West Africa to save these amazing creatures from extinction. Keep up to date with all things Jingle Jam on Twitter at Follow the official Jingle Jam Livestream in December at .<—Random Article | Random Article—> Leave some suggestions on what we can do better or change. 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