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One game that you might have a love-hate relationship with, available on PC and PlayStation 5, is the Square Enix adventure Forspoken. We have reviewed it, and if you’re interested, you can find the review here. Personally, I purchased the game during a sale and played through it, eventually beating it. While I admit that the dialogue can be annoying, I found the overall gameplay experience to be highly enjoyable. If you have the opportunity to play it, I believe it’s worth giving it a chance. It’s worth mentioning that the demo wasn’t the best introduction to the game either. Additionally, shortly after the game’s launch, we were informed about its first expansion.

The expansion is titled “In Tanta We Trust,” and we provided news about it a few weeks ago. Set a quarter of a century after the main game, this expansion unveils events that are crucial to a key part of the main Forspoken story. If you own the deluxe edition, you gain free access to the expansion and also enjoy early access. Now, the question arises: What does the expansion offer in terms of visuals and gameplay?

In Tanta We Trust – A Look At The Game

The prequel expansion has a short meaning, which can be completed fairly quickly. Moreover, it is priced at £9.79/$12.49, so considering the content it offers, I would recommend a sale. In terms of visuals, there is nothing new, and there are no new gameplay mechanics introduced. We do, however, get some new magic for Frey to use. Nevertheless, it doesn’t offer the same level of openness as the original game. A significant portion of the expansion follows a linear path and is not as enjoyable as the base game. Performance-wise, it runs the same as the base game, and I have included footage above to demonstrate. Hopefully, we will see more content in the future, as the backstory has the potential for further expansion, in my opinion. All the footage I captured was on a PlayStation 5, using the quality mode and Ray tracing.

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