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Independent developer Milky Tea Studios has revealed a new Game Rules and Gameplay Mechanics Introduction video for their incoming action-packed sports brawler HyperBrawl Tournament. Coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this summer, HyperBrawl Tournament lets you smash, brawl, and score your way to victory. With relentless, high-adrenaline, fast-paced PvP arena battles for 1-4 players.
The new video details the ins and outs of HyperBrawl Tournament. It shows players how to master the HyperCurve to change the trajectory of their shots, and the channel the HyperForce to launch their opponents out of the arena. Assemble a team of two heroes from three classes and arm them with unique weapons to make for an entirely unique playstyle. With 12 heroes to choose from and eight cosmic weapons to equip, there are over 4,000 unique ways to customize your character the combinations are endless. In the video, you’ll also get a glimpse at three of the HyperBrawl Tournament games modes, including the story-based single-player Campaign, the quick match Arcade mode, or the more competitive Blitz tournament.
HyperBrawl Tournament “HyperBrawl Tournament is an easy game to play, but a hard one to master,” said Jonathan Holmes, Founder & Studio Director of Milky Tea. “We can explain the gist of it in six minutes, but to truly understand HyperBrawl Tournament’s untold depth, you’ll have to play it yourself. Thankfully, it will be out on PC and consoles later this summer!”
HyperBrawl TournamentVisit the official HyperBrawl Tournament website: Check out the Steam page: Like the game on Facebook: Follow the game on Twitter: @HyperBrawl
Is this your type of game? Will you be playing this game when It releases? What’s your favorite sports brawler? Let me know in the comments section below! Stay tuned for more content for Lv1 Gaming!
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