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LV1 Gaming had the opportunity to play Hyper Light Breaker at Summer Game Fest Play Days. Developed by Heart Machine and published by Arc Games, this game has the potential to be one that you will find no problem sinking a lot of time into. Especially if you like epic boss fights and collecting loot.

Hyper Light Breaker Key Features

    • A world in disarray, with mysteries to solve, vicious enemies to fight, and fully 3D environments to explore
    • A vast, ever-changing world awaits with large scale open biomes and deep labyrinths
    • Worlds are procedurally generated with unique layouts, enemies, loot and rewards leading to multiple playthroughs.
    • Traverse landscapes with incredible freedom with a variety of abilities; wall-dashing, hoverboard, glider and more
    • Battle through the Overgrowth in alone or as a team in online co-operative play
    • Face hordes of enemies and brutal bosses in frenetic third-person combat
    • Rise to the increasing challenges stacking through every run
    • Discover and unlock a wide arsenal of weapons, items and upgrades to create the ideal build for new runs
    • Learn more about the Overgrowth from the fragmented memories of its mysterious defenders, the Crowns
    • Bring back resources to help the settlement flourish over the course of your journey

Experienced A Lot In A Little Bit of Playtime

Once I sat down at the station inside the Day of the Devs area to play, I was able to choose between three unlocked characters. Each Breaker has a unique ability that will fit any playstyle. The character I chose could inflict two critical hits in a row when successfully landing one. After the character select, you are dropped into a hub area with NPC shops and a portal pad to the “Overgrowth.” Before setting off, you will equip range and melee weapons, passive buffs, and even special attacks. 

Tiers separate every piece of gear, ability, and equipable item. The highest-tier item I found was a gold or legendary sword. Each weapon type has its own attack pattern and speed. There was a pair of claws that I was able to equip, and it made me feel like I was controlling Wolverine, for example. Jumping into the procedurally generated world where the bulk of the game takes place. You are dropped on a large map with markers depicting where points of interest are, such as bosses and elites. 

Air Surfing From One Fight To The Next

With a button click and hold, I was able to activate the cool hoverboard you see in the trailer and temporarily glide around. Indeed, the hoverboard requires reactivation after a specific duration of use. Similar to sprinting in other games, there is little to no recharge time once deactivated. The map is filled with small pockets of enemies. Each type has its own attack pattern. The flying enemies that I encountered had a delayed-range attack that killed me a few times. 

So, in this game, fighting consists of range attacks from your gun and various types of weapons for melee. You can lock on to the specific enemy you want to attack. Sidenote: I hope in the final build of the game they add some form of auto-lock-on mechanic. Activating the lock-on after defeating each enemy in a fast-paced group fight was frustrating. The combat flows smoothly, enabling you to chain attacks until you defeat the group of enemies. Furthermore, this is an open-world roguelite experience where, after five deaths, the world you have been fighting through undergoes a reset. One of the staff members who guided people through the game mechanics explained this to me. Time constraints prevented me from experiencing it firsthand, but I did die four times.

Hyper Light
Provided by Arc Games

Deaths 1 and 2 were caused by failing to get the timing down for dodging the delayed attacks from the flying enemies. My third death occurred when I attempted to rush to the boss fight, resulting in a fall off a cliff. My final death in my playthrough was caused by one of the area bosses. The boss fight felt like a blend of bullet hell blended with soulslike combat. 

Overall, Hyper Light Breaker does a fantastic job of creating a not-so-punishing roguelite experience. You can access the same map for multiple lives. And even not having to defeat elite enemies multiple times to get boss area keys within the same run is a boon. Replayability and tailoring your character to your playstyle appear to be the game’s core tenets. So whether you want to experience more of the Hyper Light universe or simply want to have your neon-accented character hover across a beautiful procedurally generated map, Hyper Light Breaker is worth adding to your Steam wishlist.

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