Horizon Zero Dawn Trilogy Incoming

As what should be a surprise to no one, we are getting more Horizon Zero Dawn Games. According to VGC Sony is on board to release multiple sequels to the 2017 highly rated and popular new IP. According to their sources, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is set to be bigger and better than the original game. With a big new open-world, the addition of a co-op mode, and much more. Co-op was something that the developer Guerrilla games has wanted for the franchise originally but was unable to do due to the limitation of the PlayStation 4. Now with the power boost, we expect to get with the upcoming PlayStation 5 Guerrilla Games can fully bring the vision they had in mind with the original game to life.


As a big fan of the original game, this is exciting news. Horizon Zero Dawn was my second favorite game of 2017 behind Ninja Theory’s Hellblade. Knowing that we will soon be able to jump back into the world with Aloy and continue her story is welcomed news. For those who have not yet experienced this game, be sure to purchase and complete the PlayStation 4 hit game before the sequel releases hopefully sometime in 2021 or 2022.

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