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PlayStation fans know about the story of Aloy. It started with Horizon Zero Dawn, which got a Frozen Wilds expansion. However, that isn’t all as we have the sequel in Forbidden West and it’s reported DLC Burning Shores has been confirmed. We know also of the PlayStation VR 2 title, Horizon Call of the Mountain. There is also a TV series being planned which is Netflix bound. However what about taking the game online? So that means some form of Horizon Forbidden West multi-player mode.

Guerilla hasn’t said anything about a Horizon Forbidden West multi-player mode. So, we know the previous game, Zero Dawn, was a completely single-player experience. Therefore why should fans expect any form of multiplayer for Forbidden West? A recent tweet seems to indicate there is something planned for online play. However, it doesn’t seem it will be launching anytime soon.

They have advertised for several posts related to an online project and the tweet itself pretty much confirms the game. Advertising for “talented people” for their Online Project Team indicates some form of multi-player is coming. So now why is this suddenly a major talking point today when they are seemingly still looking for the staff?

The Story Of A Horizon Forbidden West Multi-Player Release

Well, that tweet sort of made the multi-player format in the Horizon world official. This was reported at the time by Eurogamer. They said later that this project will have a “new cast of characters and a unique stylised look”. It’s also this article where things get interesting. It seems we have an alpha test for this project and at time of writing can be found on Reddit. The link to this footage is in the Eurogamer article and may not stay up. However for now the footage is present. We see some combat and the world we play in. Consequently, this footage may change by some amount if it gets a release as it is from a 2020 build. What do you think of all this? As always we’d love to hear from you.

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