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Homa Games expects more than 100 participants to join the Game Jam

Homa Games is launching the first-ever IP Hyper casual Game Jam online. The online Game Jam will go on for 12 days kicking off on September 9th at 2 Pm CET time. Furthermore, The theme will be announced at this time and will continue until September 21st. Additionally, Development teams or studios could win a part of the USD$150,000.00 prize pool by providing any prototype with RRD1 higher than 40% & RRD7 higher than 10%, and a potential contract with Homa Games.

After the success behind Homa’s latest IP hypercasual game NERF Epic Pranks! in collaboration with worldwide brand-Hasbro, this virtual Game Jam aims to provide informal opportunities to developers interested in hypercasual game development with a focus on IP to learn from Homa’s experience around a central theme-IP in Hyper casual games.

Importantly, Homa’s mission is to unify professional studios, game developers, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in creating a hypercasual game virtually. Throughout the Gam Jam Homa Games will offer participants a set of game design masterclasses from their game design team and several one-on-one online meetings with Homa’s publishing team to successfully kickstart their first IP hypercasual game.

Homa Games

We are thrilled to launch the first-ever IP hypercasual Game Jam, but we’re even more excited to work with developers interested in hypercasual game development. I want to welcome everyone in this year’s Game Jam, and I look forward to seeing what everyone creates. – Olivier Le Bas, Co-Founder, CRO at Homa Games stated.

The Game Jam is now open for registration and expects to have more than 100 participants from all over the world. Participants can join in teams or team up online to participate in the Game Jam. Studios or developers interested in joining can visit the official website:

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