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According to developer IO Interactive, Hitman 3 has achieved the best digital launch in the history of the franchise. Released on January 20th, Hitman 3 has started off with a bang in terms of sales. It’s been no small secret of the game’s success, especially amongst critics. But, the game has also managed to find commercial success, so much so, the game reached record-breaking numbers.

Hitman 3 Digital Launch

The team behind the Hitman series, IO Interactive took to Twitter to break the news. Developer IOI announced that Hitman 3 is officially the biggest digital launch for the entire franchise. Alongside the announcement, the team also shared a number of well-earned accolades the game received prior to launch.

Although the team happily shared this, they deigned to announce any specific sales numbers. But, once you take into account how Hitman and Hitman 2 struggled to find their audience, it’s more than reassuring to see the latest installment achieve this level of success.

Previous installments underperformed, to such a degree, that Square Enix relinquished publishing, essentially allowing for IOI to roam freely in search of a publisher. Naturally, this caused a lot of concern pertaining to the studio’s future, especially after Hitman 2′s relatively quiet performance.

However, with Hitman 3, I don’t think that cause for concern really exists anymore.

[Source: IO Interactive]

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