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Hellpoint a sci-fi souls-like developed by Cradle Games and published by tinyBuild has a free update. Hellpoint: Arena builds upon the multiplayer aspects of the game. This update adds in PvP leaderboards so you can keep track of your enemies and victims. Also, an actual arena that is located on an abandoned space ship that you will house the PvP fights.

Some quality of life fixes that are included in this update will make for a smoother experience. For example, instead of having to place PvP or co-op invite markers. You can now join a session regardless of your location. The Hellpoint: Arena update is also bringing in new armor sets that will be awarded for participating and winning in online battles.

Hellpoint: Arena is not just a seasonal update it is a permanent addition to the game. This souls-like will also be having a full next-gen version releasing in 2021. Hellpoint: Arena update is available now.

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BaronJ67 playing pre update Hellpoint

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